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About warranty.

>A 3 month warranty is applied to repaired devices such as Mac laptops and iMacs that have had major parts replaced with brand new parts, repairs where ONLY components have been replaced on a logic board including liquid damage repairs and to repaired devices in which used/refurbished parts have been used.
Customers are responsible to pick up their repaired/un-repaired devices from our repair center within 30 days of the final call. We reserve the right to resell or dismantle the device if customers fail to pick up the device within 30 days to recoup the repair cost.
Customers are responsible to backup data before bringing devices in for repair.Rabi Computers will not be responsible for any data loss during the repair process.
Free diagnostic does not apply in situations where part(s) have to be replaced to find an issue.
Cell phones and ipads repaired by third parties are not covered by our warranties.
All warranties are explicitly as per stated on the invoice. There are no other warranties.

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