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Ipad repair.

We offer a 100% No Fix- No Fee evaluation and quotation service- unlike some competitors who will charge a hefty fee to simply look at the device in question. We replace cracked, non responsive faulty touch screen/glass, and LCD screen on ipad 3, ipad 4, and ipad mini.

​​What we repair:
  • Damaged or cracked LCD panels;
  • Unresponsive touchscreen digitizer and lens replacement;
  • Power Issues (device not charging, or losing charge quickly);
  • Devices that have been exposed to any kind of liquid;
  • Devices that have suffered a drop from a height or forceful impact;
  • Device not picking up GSM 3G or wifi signal;
  • Software issues (device frozen, stuck on recovery mode, error message on upgrade etc.);
  • Power Button Issues;
  • Home Button Issues;
  • Volume Issues;
  • IPAD1 LCD and Touch Screen Digitizer Repair Replacement Service;

How much will it cost?

Service Charges Price
Ipad 1 Digitizer Replacement $69
Ipad 1 LCD Replacement $120
iPad 2 Digitizer Replacement $70
Ipad 2 LCD Replacement $140
Ipad mini digitizer/glass replacement $90
Ipad mini LCD replacement $195
Ipad 3 digitizer/glass replacement $99
Ipad 3 LCD replacement $190
Ipad 4 digitizer replacement $89
Ipad 4 LCD replacement $150
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