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We are now offering on-site Mac repair services for homes and businesses around GTA. We acknowledge that not all our customers are able to manage their schedule and bring their Mac’s in for repair on time. Now with our Mac on-site repair services you can get your Mac repaired in the comfort of your own home or office. Furthermore, If complications arise and we can not fix your Mac on-site we will be held responsible to bring your device to our repair shop to get it fixed and ensure that it is dropped back at your location.

Why Onsite computer repair:
  • Very Convenient - You don't need to worry about doing more damage when you can simply unplug everything and call us;
  • Context - Seeing your computer in its natural habitat helps our experts too;
  • Cut Downtime - When the computer repair service comes to your door, you can also reduce downtime;
  • Data safety - By having us work on your computer on-site, you can keep a look at how we are handling your system to ensure critical data is kept safe and confidential.

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