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Cell phone repair.

We offer iPhone/Samsung/LG repairs in-store or nationwide through our postal service. With our fast and professional service, Get you Mobiles devices fixed with Rabi computer's today
-> What can cause the problem?.
* The Cell Phone was dropped or smashed.
* Unit got liquid damage.
-> What we can do?
* We will inspect and repair Cell Phone.
* We will replace the broken parts only with brand new ones, otherwise indicated graded parts.
* Additional devices need to be installed with SWS adapters by Technicians

Devices we work on:
  • iPhone Repair & Unlocking- iPhone 4 ,iPhone 4S ,iPhone 5 ,iPhone 5S ,iPhone 5C,iPhone 6 ,iPhone 6 PLUS ,iPhone 6S ,iPhone 6S PLUS ,iPhone 7G ,iPhone 7G ,iPhone 8G, iPhone 8G Plus.;
  • Samsung Galaxy - We repair all Models of Samsung Galaxy Cell Phones -> Samsun S3 ,S4 S5,S5 Neo, S6 ,S6 Edge ,S7,S7 Edge ,S8,S8 Edge , Samsung Note 2 - Note 3 , Note 4 ,- Note 5, Note 8,Samsung Mega Screen , Samsung Ace 2x , Samsung Core ,Samsung Grand Prime;
  • Nexus- Nexus 4 ,Nexus 5,Nexus 6P,Nexus 6;
  • Sony-Sony Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z5;
  • LG- LG G2, G3 , G4, One plus One, One Plus two;
  • Motorola
Moto X, Moto X2 play ,Moto G ,Moto G2 ,Moto G3
Water damage repair
Broken digitizer /LCD-screen replacement
USB charging port repair
Home button repair
Power button repair
Volume button repair
Microphone repair
Earpiece repair
Headphone jack repair
Loudspeaker repair
Camera repair
Vibrator button repair
Also unlocking any kind of phone, fix cracked screens, charging ports, battery, top power button, volume button, rear camera, front camera, home button, ear speaker, loud speaker, microphone, vibrator and moreā€¦
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